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Listed are a selection of the partners we work with. 

Telia provides network access and telecommunication services that help people and companies communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way. Telia is the premier telecom operator in the Nordics utilizing the latest technology and with the largest geographical coverage. Together with Ihavelanded the best possible mobile communication solutions are being delivered to all new Swedes like international students, immigrants, expats, etc.


boplats nya logga

Boplats is a marketplace for everyone looking for a new home in a new city in Sweden. The  directives to Boplats organizations in Sweden includes sharing information about the local housing market. At boplats.se you will find student apartments, apartments for seniors, expats, immigrants and other target groups. Together with Ihavelanded Boplats Göteborg (Gothenburg) and Gothenburg University has offered relevant mobile communication solutions since 2012.



Capio is a leading, pan-European healthcare provider offering a broad range of high quality medical, surgical and psychiatric healthcare services in four countries through its hospitals, specialist clinics, and primary care. In 2014, Capio’s 12,357  employees provided healthcare services during 4.6 million  patient visits across the Group’s facilities in Sweden, Norway, France and Germany. 



SCR (Svenskt Camping Riskorganisation) is the national organisation for tourists and campers in Sweden. With the international camping card, Camping Key Europe, their members have access to Ihavelandeds data and calling package in order to enable a relevant communication when arriving to Sweden.



Brightstar is one of the worlds largest telecom distributors with world wide deliveries. Ihavelanded and Brightstar works togheter to ensure a fast and timely delivery of hardware to customers.









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Johan Hörberg – Offering Manager, Pre Paid, Telia Sonera

“We have now received activation information related to ihavelanded. And I must say that these are outstanding results”

Dajana Mehdin – BoPlats Göteborg

“The offer has been very appreciated among the interationals students we have been i touch with”

Bas Marquering – Online Customer

“I ordered my sim cards on tuesday and they arrived today. That’s lightning fast!”


Jonathan Arlesten – Key Account Manager Telia

“Great work in Lund with all students, great fun and great work!”

International Office Manager – Lund University

“Our cooperation with ihavelanded has worked out very well for our students!”

President, Student Center, Blekinge Institute of Technology

“ihavelanded SIM cards are very popular with our students!”

International Office Staff, Gothenburg University

“Ihavelanded makes it much easier for students when joining our arrival events”

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Hotels, Turist offices and  Student unions can all benefit from our offer.

Ihavelanded is a community orientated organization that strives to provide meaningful solutions to international visitors in Sweden and Denmark.

We have a partnership with Telia that allows us to offer students a fantastic solution to their calling and mobile surf needs when they arrive in Sweden or Denmark. This keeps them in touch with friends and family back home, whilst getting them better connected to new friends in Sweden or Denmark.

Last year 17,000 students used our free Telia startpackage (SIM card) and, amongst other benefits, received a free year of mobile surf! (The free year internet is only available in Sweden).

Download our partner presentation to see how you can earn money!



  • The student union was looking for a way to support international students.
  • Ihavelanded sent them free Telia startpackages for international students.
  • The student union handed out the startpackages to newly arrived students in August. Ihavelanded provided on-location technical support.



We are offering new international students a free Telia Start Package with 1 year free mobile surf, plus other great benefits! We will compensate you as a campus rep or your student union for handing out the cards to newly arrived international students. We will also provide support material and on-location technical support to help students connect to a network in Sweden.

To find out more please email: sponsorship@ihavelanded.com and a we will contact you shortly.

Individuals can apply to be a campus representative by sending a resume to: jobs@ihavelanded.com

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